Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winding Down

Well, our replacements finally arrived two days ago. About 10 days short, but better late than never, right? They have been sitting in classes the last two days experiencing the fun that is PowerPoint presentations. Death by PowerPoint as some would call it. This generations version of a slide projector. Anyway, tomorrow we start what we call left seat/right seat. This is the term used to describe them riding around in the passanger seat observing what we do and asking questions. We'll do that for a few days and then we'll do right seat/left seat, which as I'm sure you can figure out is them driving around while we observe and critique.

10 days is hardly enough time to train these guys. It's kind of like trying to drink from a fire hose. You'll get some of it, but most of it will blow right by. I'm sure these guys are anxious for us to get out of here so they can start doing there own thing. I just hope they use this week to listen to what we have to say and don't act like know-it-alls. If I here one guy say "I know", that will instantly conclude my training session. "You already know?", "Great, here's the keys good luck". Even if they really do know, in my opinion, you just keep your mouth shut and open your ears. That's just how training works. We'll see. I think it will go well from the few conversations I've had with some of the guys so far.

I'll be home soon!

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  1. Paul,
    Glad those fellas finally arrived and I'm confident that you'll do your very BEST to pass along any and all info. & tips that you possibly can. Be sure to give them all a "Thank You Handshake" from The Buchanan Family!! Look forward to your signing off this Blog in the very near future : )
    Aunt Dor & Fam